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Commercial Landscaping

My Bark Commercial Landscaping Barks & Top Dressings

Beautify your next commercial landscaping project with barks and colored top dressings from My Bark, the premier California destination for everything commercial landscaping professionals need to beautify, grow, and succeed!

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My Bark product list:

Commercial Landscaping Products

Rubber nuggets available upon request.

Shredded Cedar Bark Mulch 1″ – 8″

Shredded Redwood Bark Mulch, coastal redwood, single & triple grind 1″ – 8″

Virgin Forest Wood Chips
1″ – 3″

Walk On Fir Bark-Shredded with Nuggets 1″ – 3″

Fir Bark Mini Pebbles 1/4″ – 3/8″

Small Fir Bark Nuggets
1/2″ – 1″

Medium Fir Bark Nuggets 1″ – 2″

ReadyPlay EWF Playground Surfacing

Color Enhanced Deco Plus Mulch

  • Color Enhanced Deco Plus Mulch from recycled clean waste white wood, available in Black, Dark Brown Mocha, Mahogany, and Red, 2″ +/-

Color Enhanced Mini Mulch

  • Color Enhanced Mini Mulch from virgin forest wood or recycled clean wood, available in Black, Dark Brown Mocha, Mahogany, and Red, 3/8″ – 1″

Color Enhanced Deco Chips

  • Color Enhanced Deco Chips from virgin wood, available in Black, Dark Brown Mocha, and Red, 3/4″ – 2″

Bio Swale

High Grade Organic & STA Certified Composts

Sawdust & Shavings Nitrified from virgin forest wood

Fir Bark Humus 0-1/8, 0-1/4, 0-3/8 – fresh and aged

Premium Raised Bed Mixes – direct planting mediums

High Grade Organic & STA Certified Composts

Linden Mix – premium planting/agriculture – almond, cherry, blueberries, etc. (no image available)

Pacific Blend – premium canning/container mix shrubs & trees (no image available)

Orchard Mulch – CALTRANS spec chipped or shredded from almond, walnut, apple, pear, peach, hardwood mulches 

CALTRANS Compost – Spec 2018, 2015 & 2010 – fine, medium, coarse, and blends (no photo available)

Pulp Chips – virgin fir, pine, redwood – CALTRANS spec approved (no photo available)

Highway Mulch Processed Recycled Wood Products – clean processed recycled wood ground/chipped to spec (no image available)

Nitrogen Stabilized LS Blend – AWF & Organic Compost (no image available)

Custom Fertilizers Blended – architect specs bagged (no image available)

Peat Moss, Perlite, Vermiculite (no image available)

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My Bark’s proprietary playground surfacing, ReadyPlay EWF, is ADA/ASTM-certified virgin Engineered Wood Fiber.

CALTRANS/Public Works

My Bark carries CALTRANS-certified products for public works projects.


Maximize your crop yields with custom soil blends from My Bark. We work with you to develop the perfect agricultural blend.