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Welcome to My Bark

More bark. Less bite. On time.

My Bark Co. was founded in March 2006 by Mary Yelton, a veteran of the bulk landscape construction industry since 1996.

The company was originally started to provide great service to a diverse group of customers. Our ability to provide numerous options, flexibility, and creativity with products has won us the favor of our customers. We are a relationship-based company providing opportunities to make our customers look great to theirs.

In the fall of 2006, we had the privilege of participating in Sunset Magazine’s annual Innovation Home. The November issues of Sunset & Popular Science debuted a product we created by screening and coloring a mini virgin forest wood chip to a wonderful milk chocolate color.

We maintain our memberships with two great groups, the California Parks & Recreation Society and the California Landscape Contractors Association. In addition to enjoying our work, the folks here at My Bark do not mind working hard for our passions to assist in supporting charitable organizations that help underprivileged youth and their families.

Thank you for visiting My Bark Co!

My Green World

MBC is dedicated to participating in the advancement and development of green landscape products. Green products are created and shipped from an area within 500 miles of your job site.

We know the importance of utilizing 100% green waste products to provide high-quality soil amendments and in creating any size or color-enhanced mulch from 100% clean waste wood. Included here are products that are cleaned, processed, and ready to use.

My Organic World

MBC is dedicated to utilizing bark and wood products for virgin organic applications. Many folks do not know that if these products are not utilized for our purposes, they are often sent to energy plants for fuel. There is a lot to be said about 100% organic products.

In many applications, it is absolutely the right product for the right application. High organic content is often what is required for strong root development while maintaining a high organic matter content for many years. Please contact us about our fir, cedar & redwood products for use in custom nursery blends, soil amendments, and natural top dressings for landscape purposes.